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Current Projects

BVPF Bellport Bay

Current Projects

Bite Back Continues!
Started Summer, 2012

For too many years, Bellport residents and their guests have endured annoying and potentially harmful mosquitoes on our beaches. This growing infestation has lowered attendance, marred the experience, and severely curtailed use of the beaches. 


In May 2012, the Bellport Village Program Fund secured permission from the Bellport Village Board of Trustees and the appropriate regulatory agencies to treat for mosquito control at Ho Hum and Mother’s Beaches. In 2019 we expanded this to include the Village Bandshell Park.  BVPF uses Jeffrey Jenson (President, South Country Aboriculture, Inc.) to control the mosquito population using DEC approved environmentally responsible materials at regular intervals.  Jeffrey contributed the startup costs for this program and the BVPF has funded the execution costs.  Implementation of this project has continued to this day.  Residents have been delighted with the success of this project.  This project also includes buying and deploying green fly traps at Ho Hum and Mother's beaches.  


Mothers and Marina Beaches- Project Comb-Over - Summer 2022

The beaches at Mothers Beach and the Marina/Bandshell Beach are plagued with foul smelling, rotting and decaying seaweed. This has, over recent years, really increased in volume and has imbedded itself into the sand on the beach.

This permanent imbedded mass of rotting seaweed and gunk is not only creating an inhospitable environment for resident beach goers, but it is creating health hazards related to swarms of various species of flies, mosquitoes, and other disease carrying insects and bugs.


The BVPF identified the attached industrial strength Barber Beach rake as the great solution for removal of the accumulating sea weed and other debris at Mothers Beach and the Marina/Bandshell Beach. This rake, in various sizes, is in use at 23 different LI Towns and Villages at their beaches.

The BVPF has purchased this rake and has rented a tractor for this project to start in the Summer 0f 2022.

The Village has indicated that, in its next budget cycle of 2023-2024,  it will endeavor to budget for the purchase of its own tractor that would be suitable for this operation.


It is anticipated that this raking will commence each year prior to Memorial Day with a major first day cleanup and continuous raking will proceed until September 30.


Beach Scraping.jpg
North Howells Point Road Island Renovation – December 2022

The BVPF funded the costs associated with lighting the spruce tree on North Howells Point Rd and the purchase of a bench for the circle. This is a Garden Club project and the Village performed most of the heavy lifting here, including installation of the new lamp post.

In the spring, a mulch walkway will be installed and a garden. Bulbs will be planted and the garden will include native plants and a pollinator pathway. The BVPF is funding the planting and Jason Crane and the Highway Department will help with the walkway and mulch around the spruce and three remaining shrubs.


Christmas Tree.jpg
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