BVPF Bellport lane

Completed Projects

First Annual Wreath Decorating Contest

The BVPF was one of the sponsors of The Village of Bellport’s First Annual Wreath Decorating Contest.  Contestants were provided with pre-lit wreaths with bows. The wreaths were displayed on the lampposts in the Village throughout the month of December.  Although the original plan was to have 27 wreaths available to be decorated, because of the overwhelming demand, fifty-four families were able participate in this event. 

Osborn Park Landscaping and Benches

The Village has completed rebuilding the Gazebo and adding a boardwalk along the Park Dock.  It also completed installing a sprinkler system.  The BVPF completed its installation of new benches and picnic tables in 2016.  More landscaping will be added over time as well. The park is now complete and looks amazing.  This was a great example of a public-private partnership executing a large complex project over 2-3 years.

BVPF Memorial Park Restoration
HoHum Waiting Area Umbrellas

In addition to the continuing Bite Back project and the future kitchen, BVPF completed in 2017 the installation of four new large umbrellas at the ferry waiting area at HoHum Beach.  These are very attractive and provide much needed shade for passengers, crew and workers at HoHum.

Bellport Bowling Alley Restoration—Grand Opening

In the Fall of 2018, the BVPF together with the Bellport Village began restoration of the antique 1929 bowling alley in the basement recreation room of the Bellport Community center.  The scope of the project included:

  • Restoration of the bowling alley to its original 1929 working condition

  • Facelift of the entire space by the Village

  • New bowling balls and bowling shoes for use by bowlers


A Grand Opening was held on May 26, 2019 and was attended by over 100 people.  It was a great time and fun for all.  Anna McLure, Joan Prybazerski, and Ex-Mayor Bob Wallen threw out the first bowling balls to christen this event.  Many thanks go to Hartwell Builders, Palace Lighting, Aboff’s Paints, Gold Crown Bowling, Babylon Bowl, Strikeforce Bowling, The Village Highway Dept., and Phillip Thomas Interiors for all their creativity and hard work.

Grand Opening-1
Grand Opening-6
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Grand Opening-7
Grand Opening-4
Grand Opening-3
Grand Opening-2
Bowling Alley for Save the date-A-sm
Ho Hum Beach - Wagons Ho!

In the summer of 2019, the BVPF donated 6 new Radio Flyer wagons to the Village for use by residents using Ho Hum Beach.  These can be used to help transport personal belongings along the boardwalk and are free of charge!

This has been met with great acclaim and more wagons are being considered for 2020.

Wagons-Cindy-1-sm IMG_0226.JPG
Biting Back at the Bandshell

In 2019 the BVPF expanded its Bite Back mosquito spraying program to include the Village Bandshell Park.  Bite Back now covers Mothers Beach, Ho Hum Beach and the Bandshell Park.

Enjoy the music while you're sittin'

Without the fear of getting bitten.

Newly Designed Bandshell Park Playground


The new signature project for 2020 was announced at our Cocktails by the Bay party.  It is a partnership with the Village to re-design the Marina playground and install much needed new playground equipment.  The project was completed and funded in the Spring of 2021. The new playground equipment has been met with rave reviews!

Jacks iPhone 5-9-2021 12-03-04 PM.JPG