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The Annual Ho Hum Beach Sandcastle Contest on Sunday, September 6th

BVPF Ho Hum Beach Sandcastle Contest Press Release- September 6, 2015


Sunday of Labor Day weekend and it must be time for the annual Ho Hum Sandcastle Contest. 

What a glorious day at Ho Hum beach and what a turnout!

35 sandcastles were built across a wide range of subject matters- from jaws swallowing Barbie to a mother turtle escorting her babies back into the sea. 

It was a difficult job for the 5 judges to select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place creation in teach category:

1-10 year olds, 11-16 year olds and family/adult help. 


Here are the results and congratulations to everyone who built and competed:

1-10 year olds-

The top 3 were in this category were:

  • A couple sunbathing

  • The Boat Race;

  • Cat in the Tutu!  Very cute.

Kevin the Caterpillar and The Turtle Castle were close and in the running.



11-16 year olds-

The top 3 in this category were:

  • The Hot Tub

  • The giant Squid attacking the whale;

  • Fluffy the Deep Sea Monster,; 

The Octopus Gripping the Boy and the 420 BBYC Sailboat were in the running. 


Family/adult help 

The top 3 in this category were:

  • The Accurate Castle; amazing size, detail and accuracy

  • The Mother Turtle and her babies heading back to the Sea

  • The LI Bonefish Logo-

Strong creations in the running included The Sully Plane with Air Flow lines, The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom, 2 Sperm Whales swimming and talking, Deflate-Gate Pats Football, and a large scene with a Mermaid, Crocodile, Turtle, Castle/moat, and a small volcano. 


The BVPF loved sponsoring this event for the first time this year with its founders Sherry Binnington and Joanne Specht and we look forward to many more in the future. 

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